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Top things to focus on as a new association Board Member

System - Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Being a part of a board can be a rewarding experience, may it be personal or professional. Joining the board is a great way to use your skills in helping and contributing to the betterment of your association.

An association is a non-profit business. The actions and decisions of the Board should reflect the best interests of the homeowners as a whole. To be an effective board member, it’s important to know what to focus on in order to be productive.

Here are the areas every board member should focus on:

Communication - Be connected to the other Board members and your Association community manager. Send a letter announcing the new BOD and their roles. For information on financials, management services, processes, and more – Get in touch with your Community Manager.

Governing Documents - It is essential that an HOA Board is familiar with the documents such as; ByLaws, Contracts, Violations, Finances, Amendments to the Covenants. It is also helpful to read the minutes from the past year. Become familiar with those actions so you understand and can determine where it should go next when it comes to the successful governance of your association.

Planning - Schedule the first meeting. New members contribute new ideas to the Board and the Association. Set up a meeting where each Board member presents ideas for the association and goals for the board.

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