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The Roles of the Association Board Members

System - Thursday, December 16, 2021

A board of directors is essential for a homeowners association to run properly. Elected volunteers are responsible for the all the operations and the betterment of the entire community. Without a competent board, there will be no uniformity, fairness and maintaining of common areas is likely to fail.

The bylaws of an association give all the information regarding the board of directors. Election procedures, the number of members, officer positions, and terms will all vary from association to association.

What are the main roles of the Association Board Members?

President - The President leads the board and oversees many of the board’s procedural duties, thus, must have exceptional leadership and management skills. He controls and maintains order. He is also the CEO of the association, he signs contracts once approved by the board and other legal documents.

Vice President - The Vice President primarily is responsible for stepping in during the absence of the President. He can also lead one of the committees, and other tasks as assigned.

Treasurer - The treasurer oversees the outgoing and incoming finances of the HOA, leading annual budget planning and financial reports. He must ensure that spending the budget follows what is allowed under the bylaws.

Secretary - The secretary is the record-keeper and is responsible for the minutes of the meeting, documents, and organizing agendas. He needs to make sure that files and documents are well organized and are accessible.

HOA Board Responsibilities

Aside from knowing the basic terminologies that come with an HOA, here are the main responsibilities the HOA board of directors must fulfill.

Maintaining the Common Areas - The association's board of directors holds the responsibility of finding service providers who can maintain the common areas. Common area maintenance can include things like maintaining streets, entrance signs, and landscaping. This also includes the maintenance of amenities like pools, clubhouses, gyms, and playgrounds.

Compliance with Governing Docs - Another role of the board of directors is ensuring that association members are compliant with the community's governing documents.

Fair Enforcement of Rules - BOA must ensure that all homeowners must follow the governing documents and rules that apply within the community. No special treatment must be given, not even the HOA board of directors themselves are exempted from the rules and regulations.

Finances - Keeping track of the HOA's financial reports is also one of the major responsibilities of the Board.

The Board works together as a team in conveying messages within the association and outside to the local community. Serving on a Board of Directors in your community can be one of the most rewarding volunteer jobs you can have.

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