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The Most Popular Colors of the Year!

System - Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Painting you home, whether it is the interior or exterior, can prove to be a challenging process. Especially when you are unsure of what would or would not be allowed. In most Homeowners Associations, there is a compilation of color palettes that have been “pre-approved” by the Board of Directors. If no such list exists, drive the community and take pictures of the houses and colors that you find appealing. Once you narrow down your options, we recommend sending two (2) to three (3) color schemes to your HOA when you submit the request for approval.

Although there are many different colors, the most popular trends the past few years have had a “craftsman style” feel, leaning towards earthy tones and various shades of greys. To counteract the earthy shades for the body of the home, the accent colors have proved to be quite vibrant to add that “pop” of color. With the ever growing popularity of this style, this trend is foreseen to continue into the 2018 year.

What is your ultimate goal when painting your home? Almost always, it is to be able to stand back, look at your home with pride and say to yourself, “That is MY house”. Using the most popular colors at the time is one of the ways to achieve this goal. You could go to a local store however some companies like this may try to push you in another direction in order to “upsell” to their items. With that being a possibility, you need not look any further than this article.

We have sorted through the hundreds of paint requests that have come through our office from over 100 communities throughout Georgia. We have selected the 60 most popular colors of this year and put them in one easy place for you to find. Based off of our research, Sherwin Williams has been the top provider for the needs of our homeowners. Below you will find a list with color samples to identify 30 popular body/trim paint as well as 30 accent colors.

Body and Trim Colors

Accent Colors

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