Why Our Clients Love Our Management!

I wanted to take a minute to express my appreciation for assigning Zack as our Property Manager. Over the past year, Zack has proven to be an invaluable asset to our community. He has helped us keep costs down and has worked very well with the majority of our home owners (not everyone can be worked with easily). His management has made it much easier to server on our board and especially to me as the President. Zack has proven to be a great source of direction and when the Board found itself lock in a path of its own choosing, Zack did not feel the need to argue with the members, he merely pointed out all of our options and allow us to decide. At any time when I have found myself on the opposite side of a decision from Zack, he still allow me to make the decision and then once it is made, he has done his best to get what we have asked for accomplished. In the case of getting our sidewalks fixed this past year, he used his contacts to get that accomplished thereby improving safety for our residents. He help find a great deal for our Pool Service and Resurfacing of the Pool to the tune of saving us approximately $4,000. With Zack’s help we were able to clear up a particular homeowner’s account which had been outstanding for more than 5 years. He was able to bring the Homeowner to the bargaining table and we were able to reach an mutually agreeable resolutions for both sides. I have heard from all active members of our Board that if Zack did not remain in place, they would not continue to serve on the Board. That alone says a lot to me. Even homeowners who have presented themselves to be somewhat difficult to work with, have complimented Zack on how he was able to handle their particular situations and bring resolution for our community. I could go on, but I hope you understand our feelings about Zack. We appreciate him and look forward to his continued support as our Property Manager.
- Bill W.

I am a resident in Mill Creek Lakes, Buford, GA. I would like to say thank you for what I have seen go on in the community in the short time since your taking over of the community. I would like to share that I am willing to be a part of the Violation Committee, and would like to know what I can do to help. I have lived in the residence for 4+ year and now have seen a lot of changes throughout the community. We have yet to have a home owner’s foundation that would stand up and honor their obligations, and I see it differently with your group thus far, so Thank you!
- Derek B.

Tolley Community Management has performed the day-to-day management of Ivy Springs since 2006. Our community manager, Zack Beavers, is an honest professional that we are proud to have representing our HOA. Their efforts, combined with an impressive network of service contractors, keep our community attractive while keeping costs to our homeowners down. I can say that TCM strives to serve not only the Board of Directors, but the individual members of our Homeowner’s Association as much as possible. We look forward to Zack and TCM managing our community for years to come.
- Lin B.

As a new homeowner (purchased just this month) in a Tolley Community managed subdivision, I had a lot of questions. After my initial email - to a random contact I found online, that person not only responded to me directly with the names of the people I needed but also copied them - who also responded quickly. Zack, the community manager, answered all of my questions and stopped by the house to speak with us personally about our concerns and ensured that he would take care of the outstanding items. The neighbors had informed me that the company was responsive but I was not expecting the customer service that was delivered. We may only be in our first month of home ownership but so far, I am very impressed with their attention to detail and responsiveness.
- Nicole B.

We have had good experiences with Tolley Community Management specifically dealing with Jayme Kinsey. I contacted Tolley Community Management to inform them that we were charged a late fee, but never received the statement. As such, we requested to have the late fee waived. Jayme responded promptly and told us she would recommend to the board that they waive the late fee and the board approved it. Also, Tolley Community Management addressed some concerns we had regarding our neighborhood by forwarding them to the appropriate parties who needed to address those issues. Overall dealing with Tolley Community Management has been a pleasure.
- Julie B.

The Board at Bellemeade Condo Association would like to thank you for all your hard work over the last few years to bring the community appearance and living standards up for our residents. You and your team has helped us collect outstanding funds to allow the association to be able to re-roof the buildings and make upgrades to the property that shows our community that we are listening and responding to their needs. Your team is very professional when speaking and interacting with our residents and always responds in a time of need. Your great partnership with the Board shows every time we are together as you always keep the community as our customer. Thanks
- Scott W.

I really appreciate you and your staff allowing us to break up the dues into 3 payments. I know this creates more work for you and your staff and it was never given to us as an option in the past. It will make the homeowners very happy! I really appreciate all you and your company are doing. By the way-lots of satisfied comments have come in about you and your company answering emails quickly! Thanks again for everything and for meeting with our new board and getting everything organized!
- Rhonda

I am the Highland Falls HOA, Vice President. For the past two and one half years, I have been co-coordinating the budget, maintenance and services at Highland Falls with Mike Tolley, Backyard Realty Group (Tolley Community Management), and his staff. Backyard Realty has been an excellent steward of the Associations financial matters, i.e. accounts receivable, accounts payable, budgets, reserve funds, maintenance and service issue. They helped the HOA to stay with-in the operating budget and to build a reserve account for future infrastructure needs. Backyard Realty staff has work hand-n-hand with the HOA board members, the Builder/Developer and homeowners. Backyard Realty has been quick to respond regarding service vendors, maintenance repairs and complaint issues. They use good judgment and solid business practices in providing services and resolving issues. I cannot say enough about Backyard Realty. The service they provide is always courteous, prompt, proactive and professional.
- Robert Smith

TCM has advised our fledgling group of homeowners where we now feel like a credible board. We have a conservative budget, fair but firm process to deal with delinquent homeowner accounts, community violations and abatement issues. Competitors do not provide the same level of service at comparable prices.
- Tom Bloemker (Marleigh Farm HOA President)

We have worked with Tolley Community Management, formerly known as Backyard Realty, for approximately 6 years. Our community manager, Jason Tolley, has done an excellent job helping us manage our HOA. He has always been prompt to reply to emails and phone calls. He has addressed our needs with professionalism and quality. Tolley has helped our HOA to address many ACC violations and is successful in getting them resolved and/or collecting violation fines. Since hiring Tolley to manage our HOA, we have maintained a low amount delinquent accounts.
- Sheryl S.

We hired Tolley Management in January this year. Like everything new it took time to establish a relationship and put together a working team. Zack Beavers has been a valuable asset for our subdivision. He and the team at Tolley have saved us money and I believe put us on the right track to build our reserve where it can be used for improving the amenities we desire.
- Tracy Q.