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4 Fun & Easy Ways to Build Community in Your Neighborhood

Web Admin - Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Whether you have been in the neighborhood for years or just moved in, building positive relationships with your neighbors is an essential step to ensuring comradery and comfort within your community. The process of creating the desired environment within the community can range from simple to unique. Backyard Realty Group DBA Tolley Community Management presents some ideas to kick start a positive community engagement process:

1. Go for a walk: Walking during the evenings after dinner is not only good for your physical health; it is also a great time to develop new friendships within your community. Since many families are out during this time, it is a great opportunity to find familiar faces and learn new ones.

2. Share Contact Information: Whether it is sharing information in a group chat or creating a community Facebook page, making sure neighbors can get in contact with each other is not only a great networking opportunity, it also allows neighbors to plan events together and for parents with children to find baby sitters. The sky is the limit when it comes to how and why you should communicate within one another!

3. Host a Community Event: Events for the community can be big or small. The goal here is to do something fun with each other to build relationships and create bonds, from children to adults. If you live in a HOA/COA/POA, the social committee should plan something at least quarterly to keep in touch. If you are in a community without governance, meeting up with someone you already know (from those evening walks) and planning an event for everyone can be extremely rewarding. Make sure you market the event well and promote attendance by word-of-mouth, sending emails, posting on the community Facebook page, and/or handing out flyers! We have a lot of ideas for Community Events on our Pinterest Page!

4. Get Involved: Whether it is a community cleanup day or a weekly book club, getting involved is a great way to build community with your neighbors. Showing an interest in the community and making sure you are involved will ultimately determine your success and fulfillment as a member of the neighborhood.

For more tips and tricks on good neighboring, visit our Pinterest page!

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